Dr Merryn Davies-Deacon

I’ve recently been awarded my PhD from Queen’s University, Belfast, on lexical variation in Breton and its relation to “new speaker” identity, as a member of the MEITS project.

More generally, my work is usually on Cornish and/or Breton from a sociolinguistic perspective, focusing specifically on ideology and language standardisation, languages in the media, identity, and lexical variation. Click here for a list of conference presentations I’ve given, with details of abstracts, slides, references, etc., or here for a list of publications. You can download my whole CV as a PDF here.

On this site I very occasionally blog about my research.

If you’d like to get in touch, please do so via email or Twitter. You can also follow me on academia.edu.

My a wrug cawas a-gensow PhD dhort Pednscol an Vyghternes, Béal Feirste; an testen a’m studhyans ew an varyanjow en-mesk an geryow en Bretonek hag an kelm tredh hebma ha honanieth an “gowsoryon nowydh”. An gonis ma o radn a v/MEITS.

War nivel moy ledan, theroma o conis gen Kernowek ha Bretonek hag an ethonieth-socyologieth. Broassa radn an termyn erom o corra poos war an tybyanjow senjys war an tavajow, an gwreans a furvow standard a’n tavajow, an tavajow et an media, an honanieth, hag an varyanjow en-mesk an geryow. Whei a ell gweles rol an cowsow reies genev-vy obma, gen an berrscrifow, an imajys towlys, an scrifow a wrugav gwul mencyon anedhans, h.e., po whei a ell gweles rol dyllanjow vy obma. Whei a ell ewedh iscarga ow CV ettien vel PDF obma (en Sowsnek).

Ma an gwiasva ma o comprehendya ewedh ow blog academek neb ew nowedhys der vaner terweythus.

Mars eus whans dhe whei clappya gena vy, whei a ell y wul dredh ebost po Twitter. Whei a ell ow sewya dredh academia.edu.

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