Dr Merryn Davies-Deacon

I am a lecturer in French linguistics at Queen’s University Belfast, with interests in the following:

To see a complete list of my publications and other activities, please visit my institutional profile.

This site is mostly for sharing resources relating to Cornish (and a few relating to Breton), accompanied by an occasional blog.

Thoma arethores a’n ethonieth Frynkek ort pednscol an Vyghternes, Béal Feirste. Da ew genam gonis war an testednow ma:

Whei a ell gweles rol an dyllanjow vy ort an folenn vy war wiasva an pednscol.

Theroma o usya an wiasva ma en broassa radn rag gwitha asnodhow en-kever Kernowek (ha nebes rag Bretonek). Ma blog ewedh, lebma eroma o scrifa (en maner terweythyek) ’dro dhe tacklow kelmes.

Lowen oma puppres dhe rei gweres a nebonan a ujy assaya dhe scoodhya ’gan tavas. Mars eus neppeth a ellama gwul rag Kernowek, gwra danon ebost dhebm.